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NetSuite Connector | Prebuilt API Integration

Use M1 Connect to expand your business and exchange information quickly and efficiently with the NetSuite Connector.
M1 Connect is a powerful subscription iPaaS platform that provides a fast and effortless way to integrate order, product, customer, inventory and other transactional data between NetSuite and other business applications such as eCommerce web platforms and third-party marketing platforms. Its sophisticated translation engine consists of default mappings to integrate to Shopify, Shopify Plus, Bronto, Magento, and many more in minutes. These data transformations can also be highly customized to tailor to a company’s unique business rules.

M1 Connect Benefits

  • Export products, prices and inventory regularly from NetSuite to accelerate product availability and sales.
  • Orders are automatically imported to NetSuite to minimize order fulfillment times.
  • Fulfillment statuses and tracking numbers are automatically exported from NetSuite to provide customers complete visibility of their order status.
  • Partial customer matching is completed to prevent duplicate accounts.
  • M1 Connect commits to maintaining connectors and ensuring compatibility with key applications.

Below is a summary of M1 Connect’s features and support plan offerings for the NetSuite Connector. Our Solution Consultants can assist you in finding the best plan for your company. Please contact us to learn more.

Features & Support

Basic Premium Enterprise
$199/Month (billed annually) $399/Month (billed annually) Custom Quote
Automated Jobs up to 5 up to 10 11+ jobs
Job Intervals 1-hour job intervals 10-minute job intervals 10-minute job intervals
Import Product Data to Shopify
Import Inventory Data for Multiple Locations to Shopify
Import Customer Data to Shopify
Export Order Data from Shopify
Import Order Status to Shopify
Import Fulfillment Data to Shopify
Automated Email Alerts
Integration Support Contact Us Contact Us Contact Us
Basic Customer Success Plan
Standard Customer Success Plan 25% of annual fee 20% of annual fee Custom Quote
Premier Customer Success Plan 35% of annual fee 30% of annual fee Custom Quote

Key NetSuite Connector Integrations